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Enjoy a true retro classic with "Donkey Kong" for Atari with all of its original fun and excitement. Released by Nintendo in 1981, the game features just a few characters. The main character in "Donkey Kong" is Mario. This is the first appearance of the plumber who would later spawn the Super Mario Brothers video games. A platform-style video game, "Donkey Kong" for the Atari asks you to save a damsel in distress. Donkey Kong himself, a large gorilla creature, appears at the top of the screen. The original version of the Atari "Donkey Kong" game features ledges and ladders. As you work your way across the level, you need to climb up those ladders. Mario must reach Donkey Kong and hit him with his hammer before time runs out. Nintendo designed Kong to throw things at you to stop your progress. "Donkey Kong" for the Atari was one of the first games to include multiple levels.As you play this "Donkey Kong" game on your Atari console, you'll find that the difficulty increases. The first levels are easy enough for new players and even young children to pass. Once you reach the higher levels, though, the game becomes much more challenging. Donkey Kong will hurl more obstacles at you and throw those things faster. You receive points in the game based on your overall performance. Destroying obstacles with your hammer, jumping, and reaching the top all award you additional points. The game also includes some bonus points and levels. You start out this classic Nintendo video game with three lives. When you score 7,000 points, the game awards you a bonus. You can score even more points from the objects that Mario collects within the game. Each purse, umbrella, and hat that you grab is worth more points. Atari and Nintendo designed these games with four stages or levels. Just when you think you reached Donkey Kong, he'll jump and climb to a higher level. Once you finish the first three stages, you'll reach the boss battle. In the final stage of "Donkey Kong" for the Atari, the game asks you to search for rivets. This is similar to the arcade version. Mario must locate and remove eight rivets in the platforms. This will cause Donkey Kong to fall. You'll not only win the game but also save the princess. The popularity of "Donkey Kong" for the Atari led to Nintendo later using Mario in other games. Based on the original games found in an arcade, this Atari game offers hours of fun. Designed for use on the Atari 2600, this cartridge lets you save your file and continue in the future. It's great for collectors of vintage video games from Nintendo and Atari.