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Ubisoft's firearm- and vehicle-friendly first-person open-world action series takes a prehistoric pivot as gamers control a Stone Age hunter in Far Cry Primal. Players take on the role of Takkar as he attempts to form a new tribe, defeat rival clans, fend off giant predators, and survive in the dangerous, chaotic land of Oros. As with the other entries in the series, the action finds gamers exploring vast open spaces, meeting and befriending a variety of characters, creating weapons and items from flora and fauna, and attacking and overtaking enemy strongholds.

Oros is a land of danger and beauty, with players battling ferocious sabretooth cats and massive wooly mammoths as they explore majestic redwood forests, chilly taiga, and fetid swamps. There are no stores in Far Cry Primal, so gamers must collect raw materials from animals and plant life to create and upgrade bows, arrows, clubs, spears, and primitive bombs. Players can hunt for food, build fires, use special Owl Vision to scout enemy strongholds, and learn to tame animals as hunting and fighting companions. Ubisoft developed a fictional language for Far Cry Primal, with three distinct dialects representing the three main tribes in the game.