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Players take part in classic side-scrolling platforming as they help Baby Mario and an army of Yoshisaurs track down the kidnapped Baby Luigi in Yoshi's New Island. The adventure begins when Kamek the Magikoopa attempts to steal the infant Mario and Luigi, but accidentally drops Mario on Egg Island. The pint-sized plumber-to-be then gets escorted through painterly worlds by the helpful Yoshi, who can use his grappling-like tongue to pull enemies and objects into his mouth, and then either spit them out as projectiles or swallow them and lay eggs.

In addition to his classic egg-spitting, ground-pounding, and flutter-jumping powers,Yoshi's New Island gives Yoshi a handful of new skills, including the ability to swallow huge enemies and produce massive eggs that can be used to smash obstacles, destroy pipes, and uncover hidden areas. Players can also take advantage of the new binocular ability, which uses the 3DS' internal gyroscope to let gamers get a preview of levels, improve their aim when throwing eggs, and find secret zones.