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The Street Fighter games are famous for the countless hours of fun they have provided eager gamers at arcades over the years with radical characters, thrillingly intense fighting sequences, and the uncanny ability to get your heart pumping as you face off against menacing opponents. All of those unforgettable elements are present in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game that takes one of the most beloved entries of the franchise and transports it to the handheld, three-dimensional world of the Nintendo 3DS. Experience the groundbreaking fighting game in a whole new way with the return of your favorite characters, several exciting new ways to enjoy the action, and the convenience of being able to play the game wherever you want on your handheld device. Super Street Fighter IV from Capcom is considered by many to be the ultimate version of Street Fighter, capturing the gritty action and unbelievable combo moves in spectacular fashion. Previously made available as a console game, Super Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS makes the most of this unique home with updates and new features that capitalize on 3DS technology. From new ways to fight against your friends to 3D enhancements to the already incredible graphics, the world of Street Fighter is a perfect fit for a handheld device like the Nintendo 3DS. Most importantly, the game brings back the iconic characters that made the fights so memorable to begin with. With their trademark looks and impressive specialty moves, there are more than 35 popular Street Fighter characters making an appearance in this game. Choose from this huge selection of world-class warriors and fighters, including fan favorites like Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun Li, as well as newly added characters like Hakan and Juri. You can play as any of these exciting characters and push them to their limits through bonus stages and cinematic ultra combos that display the stylized action and intense fighting gameplay that made Street Fighter one of the most popular and celebrated video game franchises of all time. When you play in Lite mode, it allows newer fighters to take on difficult moves with ease, while Pro mode allows you to access some of the most challenging combos the fighters can pull off. You can enjoy the action in completely unique ways with Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS. With this innovative 3D edition of the game, you’re able to utilize an over-the-shoulder camera option in 3D mode that provides a thrilling new perspective and mesmerizing depth. There is also Figurine Mode, an add-on feature that allows you to play a meta-game using figurines of some of the most beloved Street Fighter characters. Using this mode with StreetPass, your figurines will automatically battle when you pass by someone else with a Nintendo 3DS, and you’ll be able to see the results and reap the rewards later. Expand the world of competitors you have to choose from with an Online Multiplayer options that allows you to challenge players from all over the world. Choose from one of the 35 players featured in the 3D edition of Super Street Fighter IV for Nintendo 3DS, and use the online Nintendo network to find an opponent or just watch two friends compete using Spectator Mode.