THE SIMS 3 | 3DS (P)

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Create personalized characters and attempt to fulfill their innermost desires with The Sims 3 on Nintendo 3DS. You'll oversee your created Sims in a neighborhood filled with other Sims, allowing your characters to socially interact with other members in the community. Develop relationships and follow a career as an athlete, musician, criminal, and more while earning money to purchase clothing and furnishings for your house. You can travel to multiple "zones" with your Sims, each offering buildable lots to create new homes.

The 3DS camera can be used to take your picture for use in the Create-A-Sim feature, allowing you the chance to fine-tune the image with the stylus. The karma system introduced in the console versions of The Sims 3 also makes an appearance, albeit with a new control scheme. You can spend karma points on interacting with your Sims in comical ways, such as blowing into the microphone to summon butterflies or shaking the system to activate an earthquake. In addition, you'll be able to trade Sims with friends using the handheld's StreetPass feature.