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Spike Chunsoft applies its roguelike RPG formula to the world of Pokémon as players explore randomly generated dungeons in Super Mystery Dungeon. Gamers begin taking a short personality quiz to determine what kind of Pokémon they are and what kind of partner will join them and then leave the comfort of their home in Serene Village to embark on an adventure filled with peril. Most of the action finds players exploring trap-filled dungeons, engaging in turn-based battles, and collecting treasure, but fainting in a dungeon strips gamers of their loot and sends them back to the entrance.

Gamers can play as 20 different Pokémon, but their adventure will let them meet and battle many more, including Legendary Pokémon. Each Pokémon can learn four special moves, wear Looplets to acquire bonuses and new effects, and join two more Pokémon to perform special Alliance Attacks. Players can take the items they find in dungeons back to Serene Village to buy and sell at Kecleon's shop, learn new moves at Hawlucha's Slam School, pick up rewards from Kangaskhan, and give gold bars to Cofagrigus in exchange for interesting items.