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It’s time for one of the most action-packed Pokemon adventures of all time in a thrilling game that encourages free-for-all fighting and allows you to tap into your favorite Pokemon’s greatest skills. In the first-ever Pokemon game designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Rumble Blast puts you in the center of the action and gives you the chance to compete against your friends in a battle unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Without any special glasses, you can experience all this non-stop fun in 3D with splashy graphics and fast-paced gameplay, making this a handheld video game you won’t want to miss. Pokemon Rumble Blast for Nintendo 3DS offers a vast world of so many different characters with over 600 Pokemon featured in this exciting 3D adventure, including Pikachu and all of your favorites. Each of the Pokemon have certain characteristics that make them unique, from their stats to their power levels; it’s up to you to decide which Pokemon is best suited for any battle. There are a variety of different levels you’ll encounter, and your objective is to catch as many Pokemon as possible as you play through the game, with Pokemon from both the white version and black version of the game making an appearance here. With each challenging level, there’s a chance you’ll come into contact with a giant Boss Pokemon, which are stronger than the average opponent and add an extra dose of intensity to the game. With simple, intuitive controls, the game can be enjoyed by gamers at several different playing levels as you enjoy your chance to go up against some of the most famous characters from the popular game and series. Experience all the action with two battle modes that are both filled with excitement. In Team Battle, you will be joined by two Pokemon as you face and beat a number of mini bosses on your way to a Boss Pokemon. In Charge mode, all bets are off as two large battalions of Pokemon collide in a battle royale in an effort to find out who has the strongest team. However you play it, it’s a ton of fun to get to test the limits of your Pokemon and take advantage of their skills to battle against others. Pokemon Rumble Blast for Nintendo 3DS is all about the incredible competition, and you can experience that as you play against the CPU or take on this world with a friend at your side. With a local wireless connection, you can play through the game with a friend as you explore areas of the game that both of you have already completed. The StreetPass feature lets you browse which Pokemon other nearby players have collected and view customized Mii characters that are being used within the game. Travel to Toyland as Pokemon Rumble Blast for Nintendo 3DS takes you through a journey of all the towns, fields, and different areas that are chock full of Pokemon. It’s a unique adventure that’s displayed in vivid 3D color graphics that help bring all your favorite Pokemon to life.