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From the developers of the Professor Layton series, Fantasy Life offers a mix of traditional RPG adventure and tranquil village living. Gamers create a custom character, and then select from 12 different Life paths before setting off on an adventure to help save the land of Reveria. Each Life offers unique abilities, with the Hunter, Magician, Mercenary, and Paladin specializing in different kinds of combat, the Angler, Miner, and Woodcutter adept at gathering materials, and the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Cook, and Tailor capable of crafting hundreds of different items.

Each Life comes with specific challenges that, once completed, reward players with stars that can be used to unlock new skills. Gamers can also earn Bliss by taking on challenges from the butterfly companion Flutter, or acquire the currency Dosh and experience points by helping townspeople. There are hundreds of different items to acquire of craft, with some objects affecting the character's stats, and others serving as potential home furnishings. As players advance through the game they can meet and unlock allies and pets to accompany them on quests, and they can even choose to lead a new Life in the middle of their game, opening up new opportunities in each of Reveria's locations.